Shopping Guide

 Ningbo Ocean Communications Equipment Limited is specialized in producing and trading fiber optic products for over 15 years. We follow a strict quality control system, and we have ISO9001 certification, Our products are compliant with ER326, UL, RoHS, and REACH.
  • is our online shop for sample or smaller trial orders. For to customers purchase conveniently, the items in our online are all for free shipping. the transport time is about 8-10 days based on different countries.
  • Considering different countries' shipping costs, time, and customs taxes. We choose the following countries for free shipping at present. USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
In Other countries customers can contact us by email or WhatsApp. We can offer you the best shipping way according to your orders and countries to lower your purchasing cost.
The items in oceancomm. cn is just a little part of our involved items. These items are just smaller and light, so they are suitable

for sell in online shop. Most of the items of our involved items are not suitable for sale in line. Such as fiber optic cable, and enclosure, ODF, Terminal box. As to the details about them, please visit

We have two registered trademarks, OFCN in USA and OCEANCOMM in France. We can provide customers with optical communication products large-scale export trade and a package of procurement customization services.

Regarding payments, at the moment we can only offer PayPal direct payments on the online store, but if you do not have a PayPal account, you can leave a message on the shopping page and let us send a payment link for you to pay directly.

We also offer bank payments, Payonpaymentsment,s and, Zelle payments in a variety of ways.


Enjoy shopping!


Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 13957819824